Notes of the Day

This is something that I’d like to start doing. Just a few tidbits here and there that wouldn’t necessarily make up an entire post….

–   Hardy_1Bob Uecker just was talking about SS J.J. Hardy and it sounds like the future is bleak for our young Robin Yount-reincarnate. He’s still having problems with the tendon in his ankle popping out and is going to Los Angeles for a second opinion. It sounds like he’s gonna need surgery sooner than later and will probably be lost for the rest of the season. If that’s the case, we’re in dire straits because we really could use his defense. The Crew’s defense has gotten markedly better in the past month or so, especially that of Rickie Weeks, but any day you can have Hardy’s glove on the left side is a good day. Hopefully the surgery can correct the problem and he’ll be 100 percent for next year.

Uecker Speaking of Mr. Baseball; is it just me or does it sounds like Uecker might suffer from a split-personality? They say there’s someone named "Jim Powell" on the show with him but they sound so damned similar, I have to wonder if Bob is just talking to himself. Maybe this is just his way of using a pseudonym so he can get all the air time…

Jenkins For those critcs of Jenks that are more than willing to point out his power shortage and underscore his third place ranking in the NL in strikeouts, chew on this for a second (team ranking in parentheses) : he’s hitting .318 (2), 7 doubles (1), 3 homeruns (3) and 44 RBI (2) and .517 SLG (3) with runners in scoring position. With just runners on he’s hitting .287 (5)/ 8 (3)/ 5 (3)/ 48 (2) /.488 (4). He’s also in first for all of these categories with RISP and 2 outs with a line of .375/4/2/20/.688. He’s also hitting .309/19/7/45/.473 against righties. I happen to be a stats man, so these a pretty big numbers in my eyes and show his presence on the team. I think the bigger question isn’t whether or not he’s earning his keep, but more whether or not Yost is using him in the best of situations. Jenkins is hitting a miserable .123 against lefties. Solution? Sit him against left handed starters and pray against relievers. Put Hart in RF. He’s hitting .286 against southpaws. While this isn’t great, it’s the best we’ve got. And that’s in only 28 AB. Gross has yet to get a hit in 15 AB and the other than Lee no other outfielder is doing any better unless you count Hall who did a good job in center eariler in the season.

– C Chad Moeller caught the combined no-hitter at AAA-Nashville Saturday night. While this isn’t that big of a surprise because he was always known for his solid defense then his Mendoza-line chasing offense, it will hopefully be the beginning of good things for him as we could use his glove down the stretch. Hopefully his added AB’s will stregthen his confidence and batting average and can come up later in the year if the race is tight.

– I think I just threw up a little bit. Going through the strikeout leaders in the NL I’ve found that 3 Brewers (Jenks, Hall and Weeks) are in the top 10 for strikeouts and Fielder is 13th. That’s somewhat unsettling, I think. True Adam "K Machine" Dunn, Ryan "HR Derby Champ" Howard and Alfonso "LF works" Soriano are also in the top 10, but when you’re hitting or at least close to 30 long balls, I think you’re given a little leeway. This is definately something that these guys need to work on….


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    I know you want to praise Geoff Jenkins, but chew on this. As you mentioned, he’s in the top 10 in SOs. He’s batting .111 against lefties. He has something like 3 outfield assists this year and 5, count ’em 5, errors this year. Did I mention we’re paying this man 7.5 million dollars this year, and 8 next year if we’re so lucky? He’s not a high profile player. We can’t make the playoffs without Carlos Lee, but we can without Jenkins. If the Crew trades anybody this year, it should be him. You open some cash for a multi-year deal with Carlos, open up a spot for Nelson Cruz, Corey Hart or Tony Gwynn, and you probably have a little more cash left to help re-sign Tomo Ohka.

    When all is said and done, he’s not scoring runs because he’s not getting on base, and quite frankly, we need somebody on base for Carlos and Prince to bring home.

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