Abreu with Brew Crew?

ESPN.com’s Rumor Central reports that the Brewers organization has inquired the Phillies about what it would take to obtain RF Bobby Abreu. If you suspend reality for just a second and convince yourself that Abreu would actually lift his no-trade clause becuase he’s been overwhelmed by a sudden affliction for Mil-Town, Bobby would be an interesting fit in RF. Personally it would mean seeing Geoff Jenkins (a pesonal favorite) take a permanent squat on the bench. And, honestly, I don’t think it would help all that much. His numbers haven’t completely overshadowed those of Jenkins for one. Abreu is hitting better by around 20 points and has (as of 3:52 CST) one less homerun and only seven more RBI. Plus, I think Jenkins is a better outfielder by comparison. True, Abreu hit a record 26 homeruns in the first round of the derby last year, but has done squat since. At this point, this year, the Crew would be buying more of a name than an actual run producer. That aside we’d never be able to compete, financially, with the likes of the Mets and Tigers. And I don’t think God himself could out-bid George Inc. We’d be better off going for someone like Greg Maddux, who has been the subject of more serious trade rumors for the Crew. While he hasn’t been exactly blowing batters away this season, he has never faired very well in Chicago and the change of scenery might do him some good. We could use his vetern, gold-glove, playoff/world series leadership and it doesn’t hurt that his brother happens to be our pitching coach. As long as we don’t give up Carlos Lee in order to get him, I think he’d be worth taking a serious run at. In any case, the Abreu rumor at least shows that the GM Doug Melvin is serious about trying to keep this team in the thick of the Wild Card race.


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  1. bigrygg@wi.rr.com

    What’s up, man? Glad to see that there is another Brewer blogger out there! We were beginning to think (other than Daron Sutton) that it was just two blogs going.

    Anyway, I wanted to comment on this post because I hadn’t seen any rumors about Abreu yet. That’d be very interesting, though, if it were true.

    Personally, I think that Abreu could even translate to CF with the Brewers if we were to get him without giving up Jenkins. Abreu had always had the wheels. And even if he replaced Jenks, it’s not just about the power #’s.

    Abreu has an OBP of .443!! not to mention that he’s on pace for 30 steals again, something you just don’t get out of Jenks, period. He can get on WAAAAY more consistently in front of Lee and also not be a rally killer like he has so many times this year. Yes, Jenkins had a similar first half last year and a dynamite second half….I’d LOVE for him to duplicate it, but there’s no guarantee that he will.

    Abreu is more than just a name. Yes, his power is down, and his average is a bit below his lifetime number, but with the shorter porch in right field, maybe Abreu would rediscover some of that oomph by playing in the Beer Garden.

    Keep on posting though, man. It is refreshing to see another Brewer fan out there.


    Contributor to the Brewer Nation


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