A Turn Around and another Rumor

Alright, this is going to be my last post today, I swear to God…

First up, the Crew pulled together a 10-5 victory over the Diamondbacks. Things started to come apart just a little bit in the middle, but overall a win is a win and after losing five straight any win is like winning the pennant. Ok, maybe not that much, but it was still big. There’s plenty to be positive about. Dave Bush hit yet another double (3 on the year) and this one scored a runner. Jenkins hit his second homerun since late May and Corey Hart hit his first of the season. Prince Fielder hit a first pitch knock 420 feet to straightaway center to tie Greg Vaughn’s (another personal favorite) record of most homeruns in a year by a rookie with 17. So some positive things happened. They still gave up 5 runs, but the dormant offense finally awoke like a beast and hopefully they won’t look back.

The rumor concerns CF Juan Pierre of the Cubs. Now this isn’t really a rumor, per se, because I haven’t heard any word from anywhere that the Brewers showed any interest picking up Pierre or that the Cubs were interested in shopping him. During the post-game on AM 1250 WSSP in Milwaukee, the guys on the Tim Allen show brought up the idea of who we could get from the Cubs. They deemed only two players untouchable : Carlos Zambrano and Derek Lee. The other two, Aramis Rameriez and Juan Pierre, could be had for the right price. One of them (I don’t know who’s who because I don’t listen too often) proposed that if we would propose a trade for Pierre, who would we put up and would the Cubs go for it? They offered Brady Clark, Corey Hart and Ben Hendrickson/other minor league pitcher. I think this could work. Last season and the first half of this season aside, Pierre is an excellent baserunner with speed to burn and a very good contact leader and run scorer. He also is solid in the outfield as he has yet to commit a single error this year in 197 chances. The cubs would get a climbing Brady Clark who himself is a solid defender, a hot rookie with plenty of potential in Hart and a pitcher who has put up solid minor league numbers and could turn into a good major league pitcher given the right guidance. Pierre would be a good addition for us and would easily solve the lead off problem in the long term. Put Rickie or J.J. (next year by the looks of it) behind him and you’ve got a pretty good 1-2 punch to set up Jenkins, Lee and Fielder. I think this would actually work out better than Maddux. Even better would be the two of them. Then of course, being who it is, I hope we pull of a deal for Maddux and Pierre and Clark, Hendrickson, Eveland, whoever we give them completely flops and crushes their feeble spirits again.

Speaking of Cubbie torture, the small bears took a 5-2 lead into the top of the sixth only to see it cut up, gutted and thrown back in their face as the Mighty Mets put up an 11 spot (no that’s not a misprint) in the sixth on the strength of two, yes two, grand slams by Cliff Floyd and Carlos Beltran. The last time two grand slams were hit in the same game was by Fernando Tatis for the Cardinals in 1999. Floyd also had another shot in the fourth and Wright added to his total with a two-run shot of his own, also in the sixth. Here’s to all the failure in the world to the team we love to hate.


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